Cameroon are Fred and buried

I tell you what. Adopted teams. That’s the way forward. Patriotism smatriotism as my colleague Lori put it (she has financial interests as well with the oranje being her sweepstake team). Holland have rewarded my ongoing second team syndrome with 9 points. Hup Hup! There was a bit of knee high hopping (or indeed hupping) round the 113 bar as that first goal went in. I hope that my lack of formality did not offend…or will indeed affect my employment.

In the interests of international relations I proffered up my IPad to ensure that we could do some split screen viewing so that my Aussie colleagues could watch their team…er…lose to Spain, who had taken to wearing funereal black, presumably to mark their early exit from the competition. Attention span was a bit variable, with a very muted, “Boo” from Dean when the Aussies conceded a third. Amy by then seemed to have switched off completely but she claimed that this was allowed as she had been enthusiastic at the start…bit like me and England really.

The second qualifying decider in Group D, Italy v Uruguay is a dead cert for viewing in Chez TLF. Will Italy play Immobile or will they be immobile and take a leaf out of England’s tactics book when trying to defend against Suarez? I’m looking forward to seeing the ref for this one, who is known in his home country of Mexico as Chiqui Dracula. Pop some garlic in your pocket Mr Prandelli.

I tried begging with England last time and it failed dismally so this time I am going to be assertive. PLAY PROPERLY OR ELSE. There, I’m sure that will work. I’d like it to, if only because the post mortem gloom is getting more and more tedious.

Brazil put four past Cameroon, which wasn’t a great surprise. They still don’t seem to be firing on all cylinders and now have to face Chile…who in an interview last December, Big Phil Scolari identified as the team he wanted to face least. Hopefully that was the right Big Phil of course, unlike the fake that conned the Brazilian newspaper Folho into printing an interview with him…30,000 newspapers duly pulped once the con was spotted.

Delighted to see Mexico go through. Not just because I like the way they play, but because coach Herrera knows how to celebrate a victory. Although I do fear for some of his players’ ribs when they find themselves engulfed in a Herrera hug.

Another two groups finish today then…apart from football there is some serious wallchart activity to undertake. My bestest pen is ready….
Izgubio lisica


Australia 0 Spain 3
Netherlands 2 Chile 0
Croatia 1 Mexico 3
Cameroon 1 Brazil 4


Costa Rica v England, Grp D
Italy v Uruguay, Grp D
Japan v Columbia, Grp C
Greece v Ivory Coast, Grp C
Phrase of the day – Italian
Chi ha maniato tutte le torte?
Who ate all the pies?

Dish of the day – Ivory Coast stew

Site of the day – If you have a hankering for a bit of World Cup nostalgia, particularly for Italia 90 then this is worth a read.

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