Griezemann-ing the wheels of victory

Can I offer a small piece of advice? NEVER celebrate a goal on a First Capital Connect train when listening to the radio. People will think you are weird. And when you then say out loud to no one in particular, “Oh it was offside,” they will think you are REALLY weird. Mind you, there’s a chance it will guarantee you a double seat to yourself.

As if all this top notch football wasn’t enough for the little fox brain cells to cope with I came home to a man multi-tasking last night. Yep. Mr TLF, a kitchen and two radios – radio 4 for current affairs and middle class credentials and radio 5 cos I had texted him to say the Nigeria game was great. Mind you there is still evidence of a bloke’s sense of timing. You can pretty much guarantee when he leaves the room there will be a goalmouth incident.

Sense of timing seems key in this World Cup, where substitutes have been having a massive impact on matches and after last night Mr Deschamps certainly seems to have more of it than Mr TLF. Thinking about it; is the French coach’s name not a clue as to the likely winner of this entire competition?

Algeria certainly scared the bejeezus (other religious figures are available) out of Germany last night. Another entertaining game but we still had to say goodbye to the Fennec Foxes which also contained Lesta City’s sole representative in the World Cup. Until we buy Messi of course…sorry it’s that multi-tasking I witnessed last night, it has really thrown me.

It is usual for media and politicians to be vocal in their support for a successful national team, particularly when the bandwagon of success is rolling by. It seems though that there is no pleasing some folk, with the right wing columnist, Ann Coulter identifying the growing popularity of football (or soccer) as a sign of moral decay in the the USA. It’s all down to the Hispanics who arrived following Teddy Kennedy’s immigration laws apparently, “I promise you: no American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer.” What a charmless person you are Ms Coulter. You don’t like the beautiful game and you are a racist to boot. Begone!

I do like an upset, but I don’t really want to see a Messi-less World Cup. Would you say it was ‘tidy’ if Argentina did go out? The dark horses of Belgium (there’s a chocolate pun in there somewhere begging to get out) haven’t convinced as I expected them to, and part of me is willing the USA on just to prolong the irritation of that idiot American woman.

Apparently there is still some dispute over who will actually be handing over the World Cup trophy on 13 July. The President and various Brazilian celebs seem a bit reticent, presumably because no wants to share the ‘honours’ with Mr Blatter (plus if Brazil haven’t won then memories of how much has been spent on potential white elephant stadiums as opposed to infrastructure might just come flooding back). Have you noticed how Mr B seems to have adopted an unusually low profile at this World Cup? Not one to shy away from the limelight at previous competitions, the VIP sections do seem mercifully free of his freeloading, preposterous posterior. Like a global, “Where’s Wally?” Except he really is.

Anyway, the point I had planned before that short ramble so rudely interrupted me, is that I am free on 13 July and have booked the next day off work so very happy to make the ultimate sacrifice, fly over and do the honours. I’ll even travel economy.

Martyr Fox

France 2 v Nigeria 0
Algeria 1 v Germany 2 aet

Argentina v Switzerland
Belgium v United State

Dr Pam’s relationship words of wisdom for the day
It is a game of two halves:

“Suggest compromise activities you both enjoy and slot these into the diary when there aren’t ‘must watch’ matches. If your partner tries wriggling out, remind them how positive you’ve been.”
Is she taking crack!? “aren’t must watch matches.” WTF?

Phrase of the day – Spanish
Então eu sei que disse que eu não fiz isso. E meu empresário e meu presidente disse que eu não fiz isso. Mas na verdade eu fiz. Desculpe. Agora eu posso ir para o Barcelona?
So I know I said I didn’t do it. And my manager and my president said I didn’t do it. But actually I did. Sorry. Now can I go to Barcelona?

Site of the day – one of my favourites so far. Top dollar drawings and humour

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