Back to the Park

“So are you drinking this afternoon?”

Now there’s a question. Mr TLF and I are at the top of St Alban’s main street. We are about to follow our separate paths of destiny (well our Satday afternoon activities to be strictly accurate). He to PoundLand and me to Clarence Park. The sun is shining, the road is silent and for a moment it is as if the world has come to a poignant and momentous standstill in the wake of his question.

“Course I f****ing am. But only two pints.”

Apologies for the asterisks. I don’t normally self-censor but in the interests of protecting younger readers and some over-excited firewalls I’m minding my language.

Language couldn’t be minded during the game sadly. Yes Sutton are one of the few full time teams but I’m not sure that means we have to tug our forelocks and say, “NOO after you. Come this way through our defence.” and “Oh no we couldn’t possibly entertain the indignity of scoring a penalty against you.” Less Shakespearean on this occasion and maybe more Michael Bond seeing as my favourite moment was Steve exhorting our striker to greater efforts (via tone of voice not rude words) and getting the best Paddington Bear hard stare ever in response.

It wasn’t the only quality moment of course. An exchange of wit and badinage (generally his) with our esteemed programme editor (who is also now the glorious leader of Ember Designs and publisher of the club programme) both pre and during the match was very welcome. Yes he may have mocked me and my toes for dabbling in Premiership waters, but he knows his ‘worst Leicester City players ever’ almost as well as me and for that much respect…Plus I needed to be a little bit gentle with him as he had to live with a slight calamity by the printer of the programme (perhaps their name is Jane)….Although I have always had a hankering to see what adverts Braintree are putting in their matchday programme.

And then there was a first catch up with Skits, Hatboy and the Scottish contingent. A bit of punning, and some gentle mockery from said contingent, of my belief that Edinburgh is really part of Scotland (shouldn’t have told Glaswegians where I went on holiday). And also a bit of derision directed at those on the pitch (players and officials – we are very inclusive). And nobody does derision better than Davy Mac.

The fact is a return to SACFC will never be quite as emotional as a first return in 12 months to LCFC….But I tell you what. It’s a lot more fun.

Happy to be back Fox

Match stats
Saints Albans City FC 2 Sutton Utd 4
Attendance 511
Goalden goal losing tickets 2….like I’ve never been away
Lager consumed 3 pints (Ooops)
Pre match snack Consumption:1 not very luck packet of Bacon fries. One cheese and tomato COB

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