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Dear Mr Osborne,

Yes I accept that this letter is a tad late, bearing in mind that you delivered your ‘sunshine’ budget all of 9 days ago. But I’m a busy Fox and obviously wanted to give your proposals the analysis that they deserved.

And all I can say George is, “I’m disappointed. D-Minus. See me. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.”

Sunshine?? Should HMT be expecting a visit from Trading Standards? Or is it the case that one of your minions dropped a crucial page of the budget en route to Westminster?

1p off a pint!? ONE. WTF Georgie Boy? What reward is that for hard-working Clubhouse drinkers? You have saved us (depending on capacity and whether there is a need for sobriety post match) between 2 and 15p per game.

Now perhaps if this miserly gift had been combined with tax relief on bacon-based snackage then the squeezed middle fox might have been more forgiving. But no. Not a sniff.

It also wasn’t clear to me that your Help to buy ISA covered the purchase of new football grounds? Or whether the abolition of tax on savings would be extended to include goalden goal investments?

You’ve taken your eye off the ball, Chancellor and this Fox is not buying your pre-election budget bribery. Unless you can guarantee a relegation-free season for hard-working TLFs; in which case I’m all ears.

Fox in the Red Box

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  1. lonecrank says:

    Penny of a pint ? err don’t expect us to be passing that on.

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