The Birthday Part 2: A sense of occasion

Like that tricky second album I did fear for the quality of Part Deux of the birthday trilogy. The scene was surely set for TLF to be proved right and for the “we are staying up” balloon to burst. Nigel Pearson had been awarded Manager of the month which generally heralds the end of any wining streak and frankly Lesta just don’t win this many games. It’s kind of the law.

Around me there was a nauseating whiff of hope (unless it was my lucky polo shirt, unwashed in 6 games) and it was getting to me. On the train the steely, grumpy and cynical TLF shell, was starting to crumble. I could feel the weight of destiny on my shoulders….Yes Mr TLF was coming to a game.

Before any of that though I had a promise to keep. During one of the thinnest of thin periods in Lesta’s absence from the Prem I had promised myself that if we ever got back I would expand my tattoo collection to include a fox related item. It had occurred to me recently that if I wasn’t careful Lesta would be exiting the Prem before the ink was dry. It being me, I did of course worry that a new tattoo could either prove to be very lucky or very unlucky. What if we lost – would it be evil and unwanted, unlucky tattoo? What if we won? Would the act of tattooing be technically judged as so lucky that I needed to get one before every match? Aggghh.

Fortunately Nick the resident artist at Blue Ink Tattoo, has a better sense of perspective than me and so, in a studio co-owned by Wes Morgan (captain of the mighty Lesta) it was a question of sit still and let the man do his work. Forty-five minutes and one good chat later I was off to meet Mr TLF at Filbert Way, accompanied by my cling film wrapped upper arm.

Skilled tattoo artist AND maker of excellent tea

Skilled tattoo artist AND maker of excellent tea

Courtesy of the lovely David and Mel of DG Legal we were on this occasion, temporary members of the prawn sandwich brigade. Well to be accurate, the “chargrilled salmon, beetroot and watercress salad, followed by beef and Guinness pie and five beers” brigade. Great pre-match food and great company, including my favourite member of the House of Lords (and fellow season ticket holder), Lord Willy Bach and the Southampton supporting President of the Law Society, Andrew Caplen.

Oh and this hooligan, Jemima who attracted the attention of the stewards with her flagrant disregard of the “no bottles on the terraces” rule. Memo to LCFC – you may wish to upgrade your CCTV cameras.

Jemima relaunches Lesta's infamous 70s firm, "the baby squad"

Jemima relaunches Lesta’s infamous 70s firm, “the baby squad”

The game itself? Well a bit of haze if I’m honest, but clearly those bu**ers are doing their very best to prove me wrong as they walked off with another 3 points. Witnessing a celebratory man hug between Mr TLF and a peer of the realm to celebrate Lesta’s opening goal was the cherry on the top of this occasion.

Still not quite ready to believe TLF

The president, the peer and Er...Mr TLF

The president, the peer and Er…Mr TLF

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