Small (but perfectly formed) change

eBay seems a fine modern invention for the average Mr TLF needing (in no particular order) garden furniture, door knockers, paintings, bargain Todd shoes, and velux windows (“just in case” apparently). But what I hadn’t appreciated is that eBay can also act as a gateway to un-negotiated football attendance. To whit:

Mr TLF: Can you come with me at 8.30am on Satday and pick up a new garden table from Hertford? We can probably fit in a brief but stimulating verbal dispute about me taking a wrong turning along the way, topped off with you sulking that I haven’t printed off a detailed map.

TLF (with a hefty serving of opportunism successfully defeating the urge to ask why we need another garden table): Yes if, in return I can then go and watch the mighty Saints take on Woking in the last pre-season friendly.

[Stage direction: Mr TLF looks suitably pained but nods in despairing acquiescence]

Even after two seasons I’m always a bit worried about whether things will have changed when I get down to Clarence park and whether it will still be fun and people will still be friendly. No reflection on the folk of the mighty Saints. Rather a reflection on on eternally pessimistic TLF, whose pint glass of Stella is often replaced with a glass half full (with the contents of said glass looking decidedly dubious at that) and who fears change. Turns out some change is for the better:

Shiny, spangly and freshly painted ladies loos.
Shiny, spangly and freshly painted club shop, complete with shiny, spangly and freshly printed new T-shirts (coming to a TLF holiday destination soon).
Knocky has a new hip (data on the shiny and spangly levels of said hip are not available at this time)
And in an inspired and revolutionary step the club have installed a shiny, spangly and freshly pinted (BOOM!) beer pump in the shop – no need to miss any of the game or negotiate the stairs to the bar. Who knew that Fosters would become an attractive beverage option?

And on the pitch some familiar faces and also some shiny, spangly and freshly penned to contract (probably stretching that little theme there just a smidgen) players.

That’s the kind of change I can live with, particularly when it’s combined with some reassuring consistency. Andy’s van is in position, the Stella and bacon fries are in place, the programme is looking mighty fine, the company is still topnotch. And even though it is only a pre-season friendly Ray is in fine vocal form (although decibel, despair and swearing levels seem slightly reduced – it is a mere friendly after all).

Match stats
St Albans 0 Woking 1
Attendance: state secret – well at least it ain’t in any of the match reports.
Consumption: Half a Fosters and one pint Stella – pre season levels.
Financial investments – none. Normal loss-making low level gambling activities will be resumed when the season proper starts

Embracing Change Fox

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