Sick note

The beginning of 2016 has not really gone according to plan. Unless, unbeknownst to me, the TLF January 2016 plan stated, “Be quite poorly and visit your GP more times in a month than you usually do in a year.” In which case, all boxes ticked.

Mr TLF has shown the patience of a saint during these difficult times. Not a major Saint I hasten to add. More a very minor one whose beatification is on a constant knife edge because it is quite a strain having a LBCB worshipping TLF cluttering up the house ALL week. My GP has also been excellent, but there are one or two symptoms that still have him stumped:

Acting out of character
“Come on Chelsea!” is not generally a phrase that TLF is oft heard to utter. Specially when they are playing Arsenal, a team for whom I do have a soft spot – who can forget their first Subbuteo team? Plus there is Arsene Wenger’s frequent battles with the winter coat zip, a battle that TLF knows only too well and I share his pain….For some of Mr Wenger’s epic skirmishes with said outer wear check out And if the link don’t work just go to YouTube and search for Wenger zipper fail, trust me; I’m TLF.

Every time I look at the sports pages Lesta City appear to be at the TOP of the premier league.

Strangely drawn to extremes
One of my cities occupies top spot in the prem while the other is bottom of the conference south. It makes my little TLF head hurt.

Obsessive and irrational behaviour
With must win games last Satday for both the mighty Saints and the mighty Lesta there seemed only one sane course of action. Impose full media blackout and COOK. Twelve blueberry muffins and one cottage pie later (TIP – for a fuller flavour add a tablespoon of Worcester sauce….to the pie, not the muffins), I check the interweb, squinting in the hope that this action will make any bad results look better. One team has triumphed and one has not – I knew I should have made a coffee sponge as well; you can never have too many lucky baked goods.

Hmm. Am starting to wonder if these are medical symptoms or just BAU for TLF?


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