Ever decreasing circles

During a discussion about stress, a work colleague shared with me a simple idea to try and keep TLF stress levels the right side of DefCon 1. He introduced me to the circle of concern and the circle of control. The circle of concern (yellow) represents all your worries. Inside that big circle is a smaller one – the circle of control (blue) which represents all those worries that you can actually do anything about. Your mission is to concentrate on those and not waste time on the yellow ones. The aim is for that inner circle to get bigger and bigger – meaning you just focus on the things that you can actual influence.

In these perilous times and after a spectacular sulk following the West Ham draw, the Jamie Vardy red card and the Spurs 4-0 defeat of Stoke I thought anything was worth a try.


As you can see, I’ve really got the hang of it.

I know what you are thinking. That I am potentially looking at a great escape AND an unlikely championship but let me assure you, while the Fox might be standing at the door of the coop, it ain’t counting no chickens.

Slighty-on-the-edge Fox

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