Ice Ice Baby

“My thoughts and wishes bend again towards France.”

Not sure if Hamlet’s Laertes is booked on the same Eurostar as me but I hope someone has told him there’s an alcohol ban….Mind you even TLF can eschew (BOOM!) a beer at 08.55.

Ah oui. C’est vrai. Le TLF alle en France.

Don’t worry. I’m going to be very careful and I think it likely that my lurid pink cagoule will leave hooligans and over-enthusiastic gendarmes trembling dans le presence of TLF.

Mr TLF has been left with strict instructions to, “leave the wall chart ALONE.” I fear its removal slightly more than him using the wrong pen to fill it in. I don’t want to sound picky but once you start with a pen you have stick with it for the rest of the tournament (NB Roy Hodgson this rule doesn’t apply to your team selection).

In between packing and checking for the 400th fois ‘PassportMoneyTickets’ TLF did manage to catch a bit of that Hungary game. And it should be all about them and their unexpected win, with their 40 year old keeper in his grey joggers. But it’s not. It’s all about Iceland, a country with the population of Lesta, who worked their socks off against Portugal. Portugal are one of TLF’s many sweepstake teams but to be honest, wasn’t cheering them for a second.

In many ways I don’t mind what today’s Russia-Slovakia result brings. I’d just like it to be a nice day out please. It will be interesting to see how Swiss fans react to Shaqiri who possibly due to a minor sulk that he doesn’t wear the captain’s armband has indicated that should he get the call from Kosovo, the country of his birth and now recognised by FIFA, he might just start playing for them instead of Switzerland. Very motivational the night before your second group game je ne pense pas.

We are onto the second set of group games and still not a 0-0 draw…long may it continue.

Ooh. Hang on, before you go……


The bare essentials

The bare essentials

Fixtures aujourd’hui

Russia v Slovakia 2pm
Romania v Switzerland 5pm
France v Albania 8pm


Austria 0 v Hungary 2
Portugal 1 v Iceland 1

Manger ou Boire?

From Slovakia, something for the vegetarians

Le website au jour

Well in the hope that my Eurostar train will safely deliver the TLS en France I hope to be visiting two of these…

Fox Verne
Around a northern bit of France in fewer than 80 days

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  1. Julie Scott says:

    Bon voyage mon petite renard. Dit ‘Bonjour’ a mon mari Lee s’il vous plait!
    Julie xxx

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