You remember.
Those little fizzy sweets – pink, yellow and green discs of sugar. (And malic acid. And sodium bicarbonate. And E470b. And natural flavourings. So that’s ok then). Everywhere when I were a cub, which I do accept was awhile back. Now they take a whole lot more tracking down – the shelves in Tesco (not a Unilever related absence as far as I am are)), WH Smith, Sainsburys and Co-op are Refresher free zones. You need a specialist sweet shop these days.

Or a football pitch.

Goalkeeper kit designers have plumbed new depths this season, reaching an unexpected new nadir on the fluorescent pigment front, with the kit allocated to Gosport Borough’s man between the sticks. He looked, as Donna pointed out, like a packet of the aforementioned sweet comestibles. Clad in hi-comedy, hi-vis design it is generally essential to either have a sense of humour (he did, as his banter with the crowd evidenced). Or be able to play a bit, which he could, as he kept his team in it for long periods and also made a penalty save late in the second half.

Gosport's keeper

Gosport’s keeper

A packet of Refreshers

A packet of Refreshers

Fortunately for us he couldn’t keep out Sam Merson’s 92nd minute winner. Cue raucous celebrations on the terraces. SWEET.

Heroes on the pitch and off – as TLF snaffled the tub of Cadbury’s miniature Heroes in the raffle.


So that’s all bon bon then (BOOMBOOM!)

Confectionery Fox

Match stats:
St. Albans City 2 Gosport Borough 1
Attendance: 787
Consumption: 1 German beer from the bar & one can Carlsberg from the beer fridge. John F queried whether it was appropriate for TLF to be wielding a missile but I promised if I did throw it I would ‘throw it like a girl.’ That seemed to appease him, although he obviously didn’t hear the end of the sentence that included the words ‘javelin thrower.’ Of and bacon fries of course.
Raffle tickets – 9 losers and 1 BIG WINNER

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