“Now ’tis spring, and weeds are shallow-rooted; Suffer them now and they’ll o’ergrow the garden”

Manager of the Mighty Saints, Ian Allison, is clearly a man who likes to do his spring cleaning early. Don’t get me wrong, TLF likes a good vernal equinox tidy up, but tends to wait until Easter before hoovering and dusting under things rather than round things. And then of course there is the wardrobe clearout; good ruthless hour of condemning garments that haven’t been worn for the last six months to the charity shop bag. I mean how many replica football shirts and t-shirts…does…a…TLF…… nooooo not that one – that’s like from the year we went mad in Brum about the 1998 world cup…….and oh no…not that one…I know I don’t support AEK Athens but I bought it from their club shop on my 40th birthday trip to Athens……and yes I know I never wear that one anymore but it’s the year we got promoted….maybe if I fold them up smaller??

There is no such faffing and sentimentality with the aforementioned proper gaffer, who perhaps inspired by what has been a rather dismal 2017 so far for the Mighty Saints and with perhaps a nod to William Shakespeare’s bon mots, parts company with three players the week of the Ebbsfleet game. It’s a bit of a shock, three players in one go – all associated with better days – not unlike some of those t-shirts at the back of the wardrobe, that REALLY don’t get worn anymore and can’t even play the ‘football memorabilia’ card. Birmingham Uni Ents Crew long sleever anyone?

There is more to come though. The following day we are told that Louis Theophanous has been sold to Chelmsford. It feels a bit like TLF giving away the lucky (and grubby) Champions League lucky shirt.

The proof of the success of a good spring clean though is what follows. In the case of TLF’s wardrobe assault there’s a good six weeks of positivity; enough time for some new arrivals (we await the Deportivo Guadalajara Rainbow home shirt with bated breath) and the filing system:

  • Football (Lesta and St Albans)
  • Football (other)
  • Other sports
  • Fairport Convention
  • Music (other)
  • Snoopy
  • Fictional characters (other)

……..to deteriorate as TLF remembers that life is too short for tidying your t-shirts, but it was nice while it lasted.

Sadly St Albans City don’t even look tidy for a full 90 minutes. A 3-0 home defeat to Ebbsfleet isn’t unexpected – they are after all pretty much a full time team and to be fair Saints players were probably in shock at the news of Red Julie’s eschewing (BOOM!) of alcohol until after our June half-marathon (TLF is working up to this training technique….). BUT a 4-0 away defeat to Gosport, who languish in the bottom three, doesn’t leave anyone with a spring in their step.

Those who witnessed that little debacle are Mad as March Hares, and not in a good way. TLF is saved the humiliation by selflessly dedicating herself to Mr TLF’s birthday.

Persephone Fox (step AWAY from the pomegranate)



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