Los vacaciones parte dos

Week two of TLF’s epic holiday and it’s a trip to Dorset. Not quite Seville but just as chilled (about 20 degrees chillier in fact) and with continuing good food, company and excess of booze. Sadly this bit of the world does make a significant contribution to the FFZ quality (a contradiction in terms if ever I heard one) of the holiday. These guys wouldn’t hold any truck with an outdoor big screen, whether it was showing football nor is there any chance of a cheeky bit of Five Live. Instead TLF is 100% reliant on very dodgy wifi which means utter silenzi until full time, when the Mighty Saints whatsapp updates, from three different sources, all come through in one spectacular social media car crash. Which it turns out is a not inaccurate description of the Mighty Saints FA Cup game that sees a 2-0 lead against a Cambridge side, several leagues below us, thrown away, with the game finishing 3-3.

The replay impinged on the football free holiday season and although Mr TLF indicated that permission to attend might be granted it was said in a way which even a football hungry TLF could work out meant,”but if you do choose to interrupt our holiday together with an away trip to an FA Cup qualifying round replay, you’ll never hear the end of it.”

Sans TLF, the Mighty Saints successfully negotiated the replay and in an almost twist of fate will face Bridport Town in the next round. ‘Fate’ because that’s the home town of our Dorset friends and ‘almost’ because as any fule kno, they really won’t care and probably don’t know that Bridport has a football team. Still I’ve got a a week to try and spark a bit of friendly rivalry and bantz (as I believe the young people call it).

Meanwhile back in Dorset TLF was getting to grips with some craft lager. It tastes really good and I am sure that it is so special that angel’s wings were involved in its brewing but TLF doesn’t ever want to read again a label on a bottle that suggests the lager in question complements “pork chops, crab asparagus and a vinaigrette green salad.” I know I’m on holiday but I’ve not gone soft.

South West TLF

The sun goes down on a football free Dorset

The sun goes down on a football free Dorset

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