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You’re giggling aren’t you? It’s that M word. ‘Moist.’ It gets a bad press. It’s the innuendo king of adjectives related to the states of being wet or dry or somewhere in between. And it’s getting its money’s worth for … Continue reading

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A plague on both your houses

Well. Just TLF Towers to be precise. And then only TLF’s part. Mr TLF appears immune. Some hideous snot-ridden lurgy strikes TLF on 28 December and at the time of rambling continues to linger. Like a bad smell. If TLF … Continue reading

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A Christmas miracle (minor)

The Christmas journey to Dorset was remarkably smooth and fast. Mr TLF likes to monitor all predictions of ‘getaway traffic’ and to his credit had chosen the day and time slot wisely. He had another thought (clearly he was on … Continue reading

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