Moist January

You’re giggling aren’t you? It’s that M word.

‘Moist.’ It gets a bad press. It’s the innuendo king of adjectives related to the states of being wet or dry or somewhere in between. And it’s getting its money’s worth for the opening month of 2018, as it is a slightly more accurate description of January Chez TLF than ‘dry’.

It was just after Christmas that Mr TLF started referencing the idea of dry January. I thought maybe I was having lurgy-related hallucinations, but no, on the surface, he seemed quite attached to the idea. Being a suspicious type of TLF particularly when it comes to Mr TLF and the idea of alcohol related abstinence, I thought it worth exploring a little further.

TLF: You do know what it means don’t you, Dry January? It means like no booze from 1 January to 31 January inclusive. None. Nada. Zilch.”

[Mr TLF looks impassive.]

TLF: So not on Paul’s birthday meal on 19 January. Not never. NO booze. No wine. No cider. No stickies .”

Mr: I think you would have to make allowances for carved out occasions like Paul’s birthday….

…..and weekends….

…and high holidays.

TLF: So it wouldn’t be a dry January then would it!

Mr: Well, no. But it would be a bit.

TLF: So not dry. Damp maybe, experiencing mild precipitation, clammy even, or slightly moist. But certainly not DRY.

[Exit Mr TLF rolling his eyes in that ‘there-she-is-being-a-bit-picky-again’ kind of a way.]

And so here we are having a moist January.

Good job TLF has a dry sense of humour. BOOM-BOOM!


* very sober

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One Response to Moist January

  1. Rob says:

    We do dry January every year but, as with the ‘moist’ theme, we have been introduced to the concept of being allowed to ‘play a joker’ once during the month.
    Highly recommended.

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