Sophie’s (bad) Choice

It was one of those rare Satdays.

Lesta and the Mighty Saints both at home, thereby throwing TLF into a quandary. Mr TLF was at home too but I’m not sure that’s the most relevant factor in the decision making process. The case for the Saints was strong; a game against league leaders Dertford, a short walk to the ground, catch up with my mates and back in the warmth of TLF Towers by 5pm.

Meanwhile a Mahrez free Lesta would be facing a resurgent Swansea (why do teams that have been rubbish always resurge just before they play us?), with a journey costing £47.80 of my hard earned and home by 7.15pm. BUT a glance at the diary reveals there won’t be many more Lesta games that TLF can make this season and so they got the nod.

A frustrating 1-1 draw ensued. To add insult to injury TLF’s usual return journey companions, who can generally chase away any post match blues; Mr Stella and MC (mini cheddars) were, a bit like Riyad Mahrez, AWOL. Mr Heineken and PC (pop corn) did their best but they just aren’t Premier League standard.

The Mighty Saints meanwhile had spanked the league leaders 4-0. TLF had missed ‘a cracker’ as our erstwhile programme editor and shopkeeper felt obliged to inform me.

That bit in Merchant of Venice when you have to choose between three caskets? Don’t be asking TLF for any advice….

Hobson Fox

The 1-1 draw of post match sustenance

The 1-1 draw of post match sustenance

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