Banana bites

In theory TLF should be grateful that her first football game of the season was a five-goal thriller. Unfortunately, the majority of goals during last Tuesday night Chez Clarence Park did not go in favour of the Mighty Saints. Despite seeing us take the lead and later peg it back to 2-2 during the second half the evening crowd stomped off with the bitter taste of defeat, disorganised defence and midfield absenteeism.

TLF shared all those misgivings but is also wondering if she should take some of the blame. We know the lucky bacon fries can’t always deliver the goods but when you abandon all matchday rituals then maybe your fellow supporters should be berating you as much as the manager/players/ref (delete according to your blame preferences)?

I did of course only arrive 15 minutes before kick off but it was a week night and work can do that to a TLF. Even so I could technically have fitted in a pre-match Stella. But a psot-Cropredy detox had been deployed; the scales don’t lie and while there is nothing TLF can do to review her liver status, she’s pretty sure it currently resembles a shammy leather. So fizzy, flavoured water was the beverage of choice and the half time snack was. I can hardly bring myself to type it….a banana. Admittedly with a small side portion of Julie’s chips. But still, it was all a bit too healthy.

And to add insult to midweek defeat injury, TLF also fell victim to an off the pitch, unprovoked attack by insect unknown. I think my ankle might have looked angrier than our gaffer….

And it's usually such a shapely ankle

And it’s usually such a shapely ankle

So healthy Tuesday night turned into a bit of a disaster all round. And when you compare it to the weekend where there was excess Stella, similar amounts of salty snackage, NO fruit and (despite being in the great outdoors) NO insect bites plus a stirring comeback and 3-2 win for the Mighty Saints, it is pretty clear what TLF needs to do this Satday. It is her duty to revisit her match day diet. She owes it to the club, the players and her fellow supporters.

Insect fodder Fox

Match stats
St Albans City 2 Hampton & Richmond Borough 3
Attendance: 585
Raffle tickets/goalden goal tickets purchased: Zilch; NO time
Comestibles: Shameful fizzy water and a fruit

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